We Printed: Heather Gabel

Ooooooooookay, another little series. Every now and then we’re asked to print someone else’s work. This whole We Printed series will act as our area to show off the other person’s work and our sweet printing skillz.

Photo credit: Chrissy Piper

Heather Gabel has been creating merchandise for one of our longtime favorite bands, Alkaline Trio, as well as tons of other bands for years now. Yes, she created that heart and skull icon that we all wanted tattood on ourselves at one point.

She’s also an awesome fine artist in her own right! Long story short, she married Tom Gabel a little while ago and they recently moved to St. Augustine. When we did that poster for Tom’s acoustic show at Café Eleven, we were lucky enough to meet Heather (as she did all of Tom’s merch and was obviously hanging out to support her dude). She approached us not too long later to produce two prints for an upcoming print show she will be a part of. We were honored to give it a shot!

It was a totally surreal experience. Working with someone else’s art (especially when already admire the work and they have a pretty established “style”) is stressful. We were constantly battling the medium and limitations of screen printing versus matching the original art as closely as possible. Everything worked out and the final prints turned out awesome! I won’t post them until the show goes up, but heres a little sneak peak.

Thanks Heather! And if you and Tom are reading this, we vote Baked Potato. Congrats!!!!

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